The artist’s life / 7


Notes from the studio / Studio visit

A while ago I had a studio visit by an elderly woman and her lady friend. She had contacted me before if a certain painting, she had seen years before in one of my galleries in the south of The Netherlands was still available. She had carried the memory of that painting in her head for years and wanted to see it again and maybe purchase it. Unfortunately for her, the painting had been sold some time ago.

So I invited her to my studio to have a look at some other work she might like. When they arrived some days later I did what I usually do. Asked if they had a good trip, where they had come from, showed them the gallery and the studio and offered them a cup of coffee to leave them alone with my art.

When I returned after 20 minutes I found her standing in front of one of my new works and asked if she liked it. She looked emotional, close to tears and then the whole story came out. How her husband had died two years ago and her memory of visiting that gallery with him where they both together had set eyes on my paintings for the first time and how they both had loved the work.

I hauled over a chair and gave her glass of water. I didn’t dare ask more about her liking the painting. Did my work remind her about the past together with her husband or did it in some other way relate to him and her or was it something different?

I said she could take all the time she wanted and left the both of them alone again, she, sitting in the chair, intently looking at the painting. When I returned for the second time she proclaimed she wanted to purchase the work.

Afterwards, when they had left, painting carefully packed in the trunk of the car, I wondered: did I sell her a memory, a consolation or a piece of art or maybe all of them at the same time?

I don’t know. What I learned that day is that art, more than being a nice colourful asset above the couch, might be able to offer healing, consolation and solace.


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(I have decided to write these blog posts in English which is not my native language. So beforehand I want to apologize for any textual and/or grammar mistakes).


2 reacties op “The artist’s life / 7”

  1. Anna Passenier-Maagdeleijn Avatar
    Anna Passenier-Maagdeleijn

    Het is zeker waar dat sommige schilderijen je kunnen ontroeren, zeker de jouwe met hun prachtige kleuren. Nog heel veel succes met je mooie schilderijen.

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