The artist’s life / 5


Notes from the studio / Gallery sale

I just received an email from one of my galleries in France (Galerie Eclat d’Art) that a painting of mine has been sold. After selling some 250+ paintings over de last 10 years you might think of this as an ordinary, almost commonplace experience. But to me, it still isn’t.

Every time a sale comes through, sometimes twice a week, sometimes not for a month, I open a bottle of wine or champagne and celebrate the fact that I, little me, created something out of nothing and somebody, somewhere on this planet thought it worth a couple of thousand euros to own it, to look at it and hopefully to cherish it for the rest of her/his life. That will be 20 bottles of Pommery each year, so be it…

Not that there is much of Me involved in the creative process, come to think of it. Material Me has to be present to handle the paint and the brushes. But the conscious, thinking Me, Ego Me, better keeps a low profile when the painting is in the making. I always have cherished the idea of being like an open window through which the great spirit of creation comes flying in and does its work. I am merely an instrument available to be used by something far greater.

One of the questions I often get asked at shows if it is hard to let go of a painting. The answer is no, I can let go of them easily. They are meant to be out there in the world, hopefully, make it a little bit of a better place if possible. And there is always a new one, waiting to materialize through me.


Pictures can be enlarged by clicking. Words or sentences underlined contain links to more information. If you’re interested in my journeys through the wonderful landscape of lyrical abstract painting, click to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. (I have decided to write these blog posts in English, which is not my native language. So beforehand I want to apologize for any textual and/or grammar mistakes).


4 reacties op “The artist’s life / 5”

  1. Anna Passenier Avatar
    Anna Passenier

    What a beautyfull explain of your work, you are not just a painter but also a special man.Gongratilation with the sell of your paintings.You know I love them so much too.Have a nice and sunny day!

  2. Bravo!
    As always, you are simply amazing. You are my favorite painter and your writing is wonderful! I would never know that English was not your first language. (and it is mine!)

    1. Thanks Jane, that’s nice to hear!

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