Dagelijks archief: oktober 21, 2011


How strange this digital age…

The last two years I uploaded 4 short films (more accurately they’re slide shows) of my studio and paintings to You-Tube just for fun. The last couple of months I suddenly received a lot of hits (over 22.000 now) on this little movies and apparently that’s when Youtube thinks you’re a candidate for advertisement.

So I sold my soul to the devil… and now you’ll find next to my video a small, mostly art-related add and when it’s clicked, I earn money. Ain’t that great!!??

(Don’t think you get rich overnite, so far I’ve earned 3 euro’s and 7 cents…)

Anyway, since it’s been some time, I decided to upload a new “film/video/movie/slideshow” with images of the latest paintings. Enjoy!